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Natural Poly Gel Kit

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Made of natural resin, organic, odorless, and does not damage natural nails. Easy to apply and easy to take off by soaking the nail in acetone.

The result is light and natural. Compared with hard gels, the consistency is better and lasts longer.

The kit contains 7 colors of poly gel, each gel contains 15ml, and there are 100 false nail tips to create amazing manicures. Even beginners can complete beautiful nail extensions in minutes. It has good luster and strength. Suitable for home, salon use.

Full set weight: 320g

1. First polish and clean your nails.
2. Apply primer on nails and dry under LED/ UV lamp.
3. Choose the correct sized tip and squeeze the extension glue onto the tip.
4. Use a pen to spread the gel evenly on the nails.
5. Gently apply the shape on the nail.
6. Hold and cure under LED/ UV lamp for 60s-120s.
7. Gently remove the tip.
8. Cut off the excess length or sand with a nail file.
9. It is completed.

Packing list

1*Mini Nail lamp
7*Poly Gel (7 colors) 15ml
1*Base Gel
1*Top Gel
1 Box of Nail Tips (100 pieces in a box)
1*Nail Pen
1*Nail File
1*Nail Clip

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