KiKi Co. was inspired by creative artists, nail technicians and nail enthusiasts who are passionate in building a community of like-minded individuals to share ideas and creativity. Our guiding pillars are;

Fair and Affordable Pricing: All our items and boxes are priced with your budget in mind.  We don't have the $ to drop on expensive nails, so we don't expect you to either.

Creativity: Each of our products are especially selected by our team of experienced nail technicians who have done all the hard work of 'tried and tested' for you to ensure satisfaction guaranteed. Try the products yourself and have fun while doing it. Every product celebrates your creation and achievement.

 A New Community: Every product you purchase offers you a portal to a creative world. We're working to build an online community of strong creative artists who love to create and look good as a result.

Our Mission: We want to take you on a fun journey with every product, look amazing whilst being sustainable.  For more information about our commitments, please click on 'Our Ethos' page.


Welcome to KiKi Co.!

We know you like looking good but care more than just your nails.  Our community welcomes everyone who don't take life too seriously, and go out find their creativity and have fun.  We are passionate about inclusivity, nature, connection, and most of all - FUN! Life is too short.  Let's all get creative with love, 

KiKi Co.