Step 1
Sanitise your hands and nails with a sanitiser spray.
Push back your Cuticle and Eponychium and clean the nail plate.

Shape the natural nail and gently remove the shine using a nail file such as our 180/240 Grit.

Step 2
Clean the nails with alcohol or any nail cleanser liquid.

Step 3
Size all 10 Soft Gel Tips that fit your nails correctly before beginning application, ensuring a close fit side to side, covering the nail contours. For the best fit, apply a medium pressure over the nail to check the contact area and contours of the tips.


Step 4
Apply Dehydrator Bottle to all your natural nails.

Step 5
For a best adhesion, apply Primer Bottle to the underside of the Soft Gel Tip that will be in contact with your natural nails. Also apply Primer Bottle on your natural nails.

Step 6
Apply the Press On Tips Gel Adhesive to the Soft Gel Tip contact area which is the underside of the Soft Gel Tip.

Place the Soft Gel Tip onto the nail using a rolling motion for bubble-free application.
Start firmly from the cuticle area with constant pressure to the free edge.
Ensure a close fit side to side completely covering the nail contours.
If air bubbles are present, remove and reapply.

Step 7
Flash cure for 10 seconds under the Mini Mac Lamp, holding firmly the Soft Gel Tip in place to maintain a good seal. Repeat on the other fingers to complete 1 full hand.

Step 8
Place your fingers into the Lamp and cure all 5 fingers for 60 seconds.

Step 9
Refine the free edges and contours of the nails if needed using a 180/240 Grit nail file and gently buff the surface of the nail tips.

Cleanse the nails with alcohol wipe.

Step 10
Your are now ready for your Gel Polish application, choose your colours and Nail Art accessories and let your creativity thrive with your now completed Soft Gel Press On Tips nail extensions! Hello to Beautiful Flawless Nails in No Time!