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25W Rechargeable Portable Nail Drill



  1. 2600mAh can be used continuously for 10 hours
  2. Ergonomic, smooth, and easy to control
  3. Support forward/reverse rotation, convenient and efficient.
  4. Can as a power bank, charge for your phone, etc.
  5. With higher speed and lower noise, less vibration, and better stability, this product is extremely quiet and smooth.
  6. Effectively reshape nail edge and burnish nail surface.
  7. Multi-purpose, it can be used to trims callous cuticle, removes hard gel, also performs for carving, sanding, polishing, drilling, etc.
  8. Suitable for professional salon use and personal use. It works great on both natural and artificial nails
  9. Easy to operate, it has a manual switch that can be easily controlled.


Item Type: Portable Nail Manicure Machine

Color: White/Pink/Green Rechargeable Nail Drill

Material: ABS

Speed: 30000RPM 

Power: 25W

Capacity: 2600mAh

Package Includes:

1 x Main Machine

1 x Handpiece

1 x Handpiece Support

1 x Nail Drill Nail

1 x USB Cable
1 x Nail Drill Bits

1 x Box


Warranty: One year warranty from the date of purchase

Please Note: This item may take 15-20 days for delivery and will arrive separately from the rest of your order.

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