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Nail Art Brushes

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Our nail art brushes are 100% vegan-friendly synthetic hair and come in 5 different sizes:

    • 7mm, pink (the detailer);
    • 9mm, blue (the creator);
    • 11mm, purple (the liner);
    • 14mm, dark blue(medium liner);
    • 19mm, golden (long liner)


MATERIAL: Pen's body is made of quality alloy, diamond, and acrylic, durable for longer use; Equipped with the thin synthetic brush hair and rhinestones inside the handle.

Suitable for home use and professional nail salon, great for doing gel polish nail art, fine lines, painting flowers, and patterns.



Length: approx. 145mm

Color: dark blue, blue, golden, pink, purple

Material: nylon bristle + alloy + crystal+ acrylic

To keep the longevity life of the brush, we recommend that after each use you clean with acetone, wipe clean then brush-on gel base coat then store for next use.


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