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Saphire 48W Rechargeable Cordless Lamp

  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
    Not tested on animals & no animal by-products.
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  • Sustainable Packaging
    Reducing waste, minimising pollution and caring for the planet.


  • Long press the Low Heat Button for 2 seconds to double the power of the machine, which makes it faster to cure UV Gel/ Builder Gel/ Poly Gel and takes only seconds to cure gel polish.
  • White LED light is gentler than traditional purple LED lights which offers a comfortable manicure/ pedicure experience and protection for your skin, hands and eyes.
  • 50,000 hrs long-lasting LED light beads
  • Smart sensor - automatically starts with hands in making it convenient to use
  • Digital time display
  • Timer with 10s/ 30s/ 60s/ 90s double power (low heat mode)
  • Unique open design to cure 5 fingers and toenails
  • Ideal for home use or salon use

Battery Instructions

Install the battery in the nail lamp and plug in the wall socket, it will be fully charged in 2 hours,
It will be fully charged in 7 hours with the USB cable.
Once the battery is fully charged, the nail lamp can be continuously used for 2 hours.
It takes about 12-24 hours with the normal salon use.
Please turn off the power when not in use. Do not charge the battery overnight as overcharging is not advised.
For rechargeables, it can mean either the length of time a device can run on a fully charged battery or the number of charge/discharge cycles possible before the cells fail to operate satisfactorily...
Disposable batteries typically lose 8 to 20 % of their original charge per year when stored at room temperature (20-30 degrees centigrade).
Please Note: After the battery is fully charged for 300 cycles, the battery life will be reduced to 80%.


The battery is consumable, so the battery is covered for 3 months only.

Weight: 1.15kg
Voltage: 110-240v
Size: 212*211*97mm
Material: Plastic and Aluminum
Power Source: Electronic and Rechargeable battery
Power: 48W
Warranty & Guarantee for Battery: Three months
Warranty & Guarantee for Nail Lamp: 6-months
Bulbs lifetime: 50000hours
Plug Type: EU /US Plug
LEDS: 30pcs LEDs
Maximum Power: 48W UV/LED Nail Lamp

*Comes with optional EU/ US plug, will require an adaptor for Australia

*Includes a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase (does not include accidental damage and wear & tear)

Please Note: This item may take 15-20 days for delivery and will arrive separately from the rest of your order.

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